The Videographic Essay: Practice and Pedagogy

Christian Keathley

Christian Keathley is Associate Professor and Chair of Film & Media Culture at Middlebury College. He is the author of Cinephilia and History, or The Wind in the Trees (Indiana University Press, 2005), and numerous journal articles and book chapters. Keathley’s videographic production work has been screened at a variety of international locations, including the ‘Media in Transition’ conference at MIT (2009); as guest speaker at the University of London Screen Studies Group (2012); as keynote presenter at the University of Antwerp conference ‘Photogenie and Cinephilia’ (2012); as keynote presenter at the University of Pittsburgh conference ‘Cinephilia/ Cinephobia’ (2012); and at the Deutschese Film-institut Filmmuseum conference ‘The Audiovisual Essay: Practice & Theory’ in Frankfurt (2013). He is the author of numerous essays about videographic criticism, and is founding co-editor of [in]Tran- sition: Journal of Videographic Film & Moving Image Studies. His video essays Pass the Salt and SFR were discussed at the Middlebury workshop.

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